As a former professional dancer, I founded The Naked Leaf because tea has been a consistent part of my life . It has helped to provide me with the intense physical stamina, concentration and excellent general health required of a dancer. Tea has been an essential ingredient in my life, providing me with daily pleasure and comfort and allowing me to enjoy time alone, or share intimate moments with friends.

A simple evergreen plant properly named Camellia Sinensis, tea has been intricately entwined with civilization for thousands of years, and after water, is the most consumed beverage in the world. From the beauty and calm of the tea ceremony, to the upheaval launched by the Boston Tea Party, tea has literally changed the course of history. With such a grand past, it is hard to believe that nowadays tea is often drunk on the run, with a tea bag unceremoniously thrown in a plastic cup filled with hot water.

The Naked Leaf reintroduces tea as it was meant to be - all natural and unhurried. From our premium selection of teas, to the inspired art on our labels, take time to enjoy selecting your tea, preparing your tea, and most importantly, savoring your tea.

The Naked Leaf embodies enjoyment and quality of life. The simple act of preparing and tasting tea bares your senses to the exhilarating experience that uniquely defines The Naked Leaf.